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Tasbath and Kitchen Resurfacing

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About Us

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen resurfacing and repair Tasbath are the people to call.
Tasbath has been servicing Tasmania for over 16 years providing a complete set of specialised services helping you restore your bathrooms and kitchens back to new again.

Tasbath uses high quality products that are trusted all over the world, and combined with our experienced team of professionals you can be assured of quality work that will last for years to come.

tas bath
tas bath

What we do

From minor cosmetic repairs to bringing back to life old, tired and damaged bathrooms and kitchens, all without having the mess, time and expense it takes to strip and replace everything.
Often the shell of old bathrooms and kitchens are good or even better than the new ones and there is no need to pull everything out.

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Resurfacing bathrooms and resurfacing kitchens can sometimes be seen as an inferior solution as opposed to a full bathroom replacement or a full kitchen replacement, but this is incorrect because even though resurfacing will save you a considerable amount of time and money, often the longevity and functionality can be better than a full replacement.

Tasbath are the experts in bathroom resurfacing and bathroom repairs as well as kitchen resurfacing and kitchen repairs, and we will ensure that the outcome is exactly what you are after.

tas bath

What we offer

Tasbath offers a wide range of services from resurfacing bathrooms and resurfacing kitchens, to re-grouting tiles, repairing baths, resurfacing baths, repairing tiles, resurfacing tiles, replacing shower doors, fixing shower trays, replacing shower trays, resurfacing spa baths, resurfacing kitchen cupboards, repairing kitchen cupboards, resurfacing kitchen bench tops, repairing kitchen bench tops, polishing sinks, resurfacing vanities, fixing vanities, replacing taps, and much more.

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Tasbath bathroom and kitchen resurfacing and repair specialists can help you save anywhere from 60 to 80 percent compared to a full kitchen replacement or bathroom replacement.

Tasbath is the smart choice, and based on the condition of your current bathroom or kitchen we will advise on the best path to take.

Remember that saving money doesn’t mean that you are compromising on quality, especially not when you use the experts in resurfacing…Tasbath.