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Dirty bath, worn bath, chipped bath, rust in your bath, cracked bath; bath peeling, bath unhygienic, unhealthy bath, it’s time to call Tasbath to fix your bath and then resurface your bath back to new.

Why Resurface a bath?

It costs thousands to replace a bathtub by the time you re- do the plumbing and the tiles, and most of the time these old bathtubs just need to be resurfaced.

It is however important that the product that is being used by your resurfacer is a good product that has been made specially for bath resurfacing. The incorrect product going onto a bath won’t last.

A product that is formulated for fine spraying onto a bath also has to be formulated to withstand the challenges that come with the bathtub.

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Hot water suddenly added onto a cold surface can cause expansion and contraction and cracking, lots of different chemicals from shampoos and soaps being used, and UV rays filtering through windows will wear, discolour or crack most products.
But not the product we use at Tasbath.

bathroom resurfacing
bathroom resurfacing

Mend a Bath

Tasbath are the exclusive installer of the Mend A Bath product in Tasmania. Mend A Bath international has been researching and manufacturing this one product specifically made for bath resurfacing, for over 40 years.

Once Tasbath has repaired and resurfaced your bath it will be back to brand new again and last for many years to come.

bathroom resurfacing

Our process

  1. The bath is fully descaled, cleaned, acid etched and prepared for resurfacing. This part is as important as the product used.
  2. Any cracks, chips, rust is removed and repaired.
  3. We fine spray your bath back to perfection bringing it back to a porcelain like finish.
  4. We replace the bath with a new stainless steel waste.
  5. We re- silicone around the edges of the bath.
  6. We clean up, demask and leave you with instructions on how to take care of your new bath.
  7. Your bath can be used again 24 hours later and comes with our 5 year guarantee.

So for all your bath resurfacing and bath repair needs Tasbath is your trusted name in Tasmania.

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