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Brighten My Tiles

When your wall tiles or your floor tiles are functional and are stuck down tight, and you aren’t moving walls, then resurfacing is the obvious choice for tiles in your bathroom, tiles in your shower and tiles in your kitchen.

Bring your tiles back to life by resurfacing your tiles

You don’t need the mess, cost and time to strip old tiles just to put new ones back in the same place.
Resurfacing tiles gives you a new look without the fuss and you can choose from a wide range of colours.

Our products are waterproof and therefore resurfacing adds a waterproof layer over your tiles which is great especially in wet areas like the shower or over the bathtub.


What we do

Before we resurface your tiles we repair all broken and cracked tiles and all hairline cracks will disappear.

Before we resurface your tiles we re-grout your tiles which makes the finish of the resurfaced tiles look smooth and smart, and it also enhances the waterproof integrity of your walls and floors in these wet areas.

Gone forever is the continuous headache and cost of trying to keep the grout clean once your tiles have been resurfaced.

Why replace when you can resurface

So when thinking about what to do with your dirty grout lines, old grout, grout that is failing, dirty tiles, cracked tiles, chipped tiles, spider lines in your tiles, tiles and tile colours that are outdated….think resurfacing.

Tasbath tile resurfacing comes with a 5 year guarantee for the wall tiles and a 4 year guarantee for the floor tiles and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Tasbath…the experts in tile resurfacing and repair.

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