• Tile Resurfacing

    Re-grouting, resealing, and refacing.

  • Repair

    Don't replace resurface!

    Repair cracked tiles has never been so easy

    Resurfacing will make them look brand new

    We take your tiles away fix the cracks, and repolish them. Once we're done we take the tiles back and regrout them. Don't replace your tiles resurface them, and save money!

    Regrouting, and resealing

    Leaking tiles, or discoloured grout?

    Grout over time can become mouldy look discoloured, and even cause leakage. The sooner you fix the problem the better. We clean the mouldy grout away, re-grout, and reseal. Your tiles will last longer, and look better. A simple solution for a old problem.