• Kitchen Resurfacing

  • Cabinets, and benchtops

    Tired of old kitchen cabinets, and bench tops? Why not resurface it? Choose a new colour for your cabinet, or create a durable finish for your countertops. Or why not both? We have a wide range of finishes and colours.

    Choose the colour it's that easy

    Compared to the short life span of traditional laminate surfaces. Our bench tops are applied with Stone-Fleck™. Forming a tough, durable finish we'll provide you with a superior protection for impacts and abrasions for years to come.

    Why replace your cabinets when you can resurface it.


    Our services provide taking your old cabinets away, polishing them, and then applying the colour of your choice.


    It's easy, cheap, and the smart way to refashion your old kitchen.